lee snell 

At age 36 I made several lifestyle changes, one of which involved adding exercise to my schedule. As an adult I worked out with weights at home but was intimidated by even walking into a health club.

Finally, I got up the nerve to join a gym. A friend helped me develop a routine and I was hooked. In fact, I liked the atmosphere so much I got a job at the gym. Working at the gym lead me to realize I really did not know what I was doing when I was exercising. My friend’s help had only taught me so much. I was intimidated to come into the gym that I worked in. My body suffered. I developed several injuries that made it difficult to lift weights. I was going in the wrong direction. I decided to hire a personal trainer.

With the help of the trainer I chose, my life was changed.  I learned why I had injured myself and how I could exercise without pain!

My trainer was an inspiration to me and helped me as I chose to pursue a personal training career. He trained me for my certification. In 1997 I became certified through the American Council on Exercise.

I work with clients with varying degrees of fitness. I can help you develop a new routine, work beyond your current plateau, or teach you the benefits of proper form to prevent the risk of injury. I specialize in training with beginners, or those just getting back into the fitness lifestyle. I understand the frustration of not knowing what you are doing while being too embarrassed to ask for help! I also understand those who have a difficult time just
walking into a gym.

That was me - 24 years ago. Now I'm 60!

I am available to work with you at

Urban Body Fitness and in your home.